President’s Reply to ACI Young Leaders

Dear Trustees

We were asked to comment on the competition this year and create suggestions for the following competitions.

We understand that organizing this event takes a lot of work, time and people. However, these are some comments that may be useful for the future.

Choosing the right place

We suggest a small city or town so that everyone is aware, acknowledges and accepts our presence, as well as understands the spirit of Atlantic Challenge. Moreover, there should be more space and more community back-up.

We would appreciate a large area to bring the teams together so that we do not have to separate in small groups.

It would be safer for the crews if the challenge was not located in a big, busy harbour. It would also be better, if we did not have to change our events according to the location.


Associated with choosing the right place, it is important to consider off the water entertainment, common area to play or relax (field, grass, trees), access to tourist information – what to see, how to get there, etc., entertainment organized for under-aged or non-drinkers – general entertainment.


We suggest easy access to security guards, on location and easy to find at all times to help and watch for trespassers. An easily accessible first aid kit. We appreciated the list of numbers for emergency on the board.


We acknowledge the history of the gigs but Captain’s Gig lacks interest for the crew. Therefore we suggest that it be incorporated in the Opening Ceremony as a general seamanship acknowledgement and it should not be scored.

We noted that the Practical Challenge was quite appreciated in the past. We suggest bringing it back.

Navigation could be more practical and under sails. Ropework as well could be improved by being applied to real-life situations.

The Coxswains should have a private review of the scoring of their event once the results are out.

We would like to see the Slalom event under sails.

We understand that this takes a lot of planning and that you have surely heard most of this. Also, we would like to express our appreciation of all your hard work.

Alyson Baker, Tenacite
Christopher Keon, Verite
Megan Bott, Tenacite
Justin Nicholson, Verite
James Fletcher