Event in Antrim, Northern Ireland

Atlantic Challenge Northern Ireland hosted the Odd Year Regatta at Antrim Boat Club this summer 30 July-2Aug. We had six gigs attending and almost 100 young crew and there coaches.

The gigs were “Harmony” (Northern Irealnd), “Integrite” (UK), “Unite” (Ireland), “Bon trouve” (Scotland), “Fionabarra” (Ireland, Cork), “Cwch John Kerr” (Wales). The gig from Cork was built recently and traveled to Quebec last year but this was its first A.C. event. We were also particularly pleased to welcome four Russian crew and one from Finland who joined us for the event.

The purpose of the event was training, competing, socializing and introducing new young crew to the experience. Unfortunately we had some of the worst weather of the summer, winds in excess of 30 knots, this restricted our program. Never the less we had a great four days, we did manage to set some A.C. courses for sailing and sails and oars, some in over 20 knots of wind. But perhaps the highlight of the weekend was a demonstration, which turned into a race, of a Jackstay Transfer organized by Julian. This was on dry land and used picnic tables instead of boats and the club house balcony as the shore. I think it is fair to claim that this was the first time that most of those present had witnessed a picnic table capsize.

The poor weather only added to the success of the social side of the event. We had a disco and evening of traditional music with the crews joining in, treating us to Scottish dancing, bagpipes and a Russian folk song, fantastic!
Three of the russian crew were able to stay on for a few days and travelled to see Belfast and the world famous Gaints Causeway. They also meet our Mayor and appeared on the front page of our local newspaper. I hope they had as much pleasure from their trip as we had to host them.

Click for some pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.ru/Alexander.L.Belous/ACNIOddYearRegatta?feat=embedwebsite#

For more information please contact Charlie McAllister, Northern Ireland AC Trustee, charlie_mac10@hotmail.co.uk