Many individuals have worked to aid in developing a good set of working plans to make it possible to construct replicas of the original craft. Atlantic Challenge International has adopted plans by naval architect Steve Killing of Canada (original sail plan by
Francois Vivier) as its official plans, and these may be purchased by emailing the Canadian Trustee, Scott Wagg. This set of plans includes 21 large sheets with full size body plans and profiles. Included are hull lines, sail plan, construction plan and many details including oars and spars.

Atlantic Challenge International is striving to preserve the spirit of the original vessel and demand the gigs, taking part in the Atlantic Challenge International Contests of Seamenship to comply with Class Rules.

The plans and rules are aimed at capturing the spirit of the original vessel, and only a few changes from the original artifact have been made on the plans or in the rules. These are mostly in the interest of safety of operation, structural integrity of the boats, and availability of materials. Please contact Diarmaid Murphy, Trustee AC Ireland at for the latest version of the Class Rules.

ACI Class Rules 1.1 – Oct 2009 (Downloadable PDF)